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A-Mae-Zing Calendar

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Steven Albert: Psychic Gallery Event - A-Mae-Zing

April 30th!!!!!!!


Steven will do a Gallery Group Reading on Friday. April 30th, 2021 from 6-8:00 pm at A-Mae-Zing in Canandaigua, NY.

Come and check it out! You will be AMAZED at Steven's accuracy and details!

Like John Edwards and The Long Island Medium?? Then come hear Steven Albert! People are astonished at the detail in his readings. If you have a mystery around a death - come let him look into it and tell you the real story. Steven often channels loved ones that have passed. His passion is bringing forth what needs to be said to help with healing of the people left behind.

Steven will walk through the audience and channel messages from the other side using his psychic and mediumship skills. There will be questions, answers, and messages from the other side. This group event is reading intensive. Steven will communicate as many readings as he can during the 2 hours.

Steven Albert is a respected Psychic Medium who has done Readings and Paranormal Investigations for OVER 23 years. Steven specializes in spirit communication and psychic intuitive Readings. He has the ability to see and hears things that others cannot such as spirits and spirit voices (clairaudience). He also receives intuitive messages via feelings, images, and physical sensations (clairsentience). He also has the ability to Channel spirits and let them talk.

Steven's abilities were triggered when he faced a near death experience in 1995, and he has chosen to follow this new path ever since. His abilities have grown stronger and stronger through the years. He has helped many people hear from those who have passed, as well as receive information about the living, hear about medical issues, relationships, work issues and future events.

Steven is based in Western New York, and welcomes you to review his story at

Tickets $35

Doors open at 6:15

You can also get tickets through Venmo and PayPal just email (Kim @ [email protected]) with date, venue and number of tickets you want.

Thursday Night Women’s Group


7pm to 8:30 pm ($10 per session)

Spend an evening with women who are taking time find peace and balance. A safe space to be and explore consciousness topics. Meditations and mind expanding techniques. RSVP -text- 585-880-6012. Facilitated by Mae Fox

Angel card reading,Meditations, Energy, Consciousness and intentional living.

"I love going to the women's group. Mae has wonderful insight and leads our circle with true kindness and passion." Chelsea C

Meditation Classes

Tuesday Evening Meditation


Every other week

7pm to 8pm

Quiet the mind to gain health.

Cost $10

RSVP 585-880-6012


Day Trippin Light Adventures

Local group excursions from A-Mae-Zing to explore near by areas. Each holding a healing or spiritual experience.

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